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In extraordinary situations such as strikes, lockouts, natural disasters, uprisings, public movements, nuclear risk and danger, war, invasion, revolution, civil war, sabotage and fire situations and arising from the buyer (not being at the address, lack of an authority to take delivery, the buyer has moved from the address, etc.) delivery time and conditions may vary.

If "internet cafe", "any coffee shop", "branch addresses of cargo companies" or "any public area" are specified as the delivery address, the order will be canceled and no delivery will be made to these addresses.



All of our customers; The consumer has the legal right to return within 7 working days within the scope of the 'Right of Withdrawal without Reason'.

In addition, follow the date of receipt of the products that you think are a manufacturing defect or something else and that you want to return.  the one who  You can send it to us within 7 working days.

your refund  shipping company we work with  You can send it back for free.  we work  If the product is returned with any other cargo company other than the cargo company, the shipping fee will be covered by the sender, the shipping fee is not covered by the sender, and we work with a counter-payment for the product return.  Our Site will have the right to deduct the shipping fee from the return price of the product, if it is made through a cargo company other than the product.

After sending your shipment, you may be asked to share the shipment code, if necessary. Please keep the shipping shipment number.

You can return your order within 7 working days from the date you receive it.  You can give information about your return process by contacting our support department and send your product with its invoice.  cargo  You can send it back with a paid company. When your request reaches us  It will be evaluated by us and an information email will be sent to you.

The product you will return is complete, with its original invoice,  You should make sure that you return the package undamaged, unused, undamaged as a result of misuse, with the order number and the correct address of our Site.

if  If the invoice of the product is issued in the name of an institution, a 'RETURN INVOICE' issued by the institution for the return process, without including the cargo share, issued as 'Product Unit Price + VAT', must be sent with the product.

The box, packaging, standard accessories, if any, of the product must be included in the package you return to us, completely and undamaged.  Return of products whose original packaging is damaged, destroyed or damaged by any use  acceptance  is not done.  All kinds of software, programs, PLAK, DVD, VCD, CD and cassettes, computers and stationery materials are accepted for return only if their packaging is unopened, intact, unused and untested.

After we receive your return:

An information e-mail will be sent to you and  When your return is approved, the product price is within 10 working days, which is the legal period.  will be refunded to your credit card from which you made the payment. this period  the product you return.  It starts with delivery. (It is obligatory pursuant to the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 385). The reflection time of your refund on your statement varies depending on your bank. If there is a delay in the reflection of your return on your credit card, you can get detailed information from your bank with the Return Transaction Number included in the information e-mail we sent you.



Regardless of the quality of the product, we cannot make any changes in any purchase you make from our site.  However, you can return the product within 7 days from the date of receipt by fulfilling the conditions stated above.



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